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Ted Jonkheer B.V.
Bethlehemlaan 4
2182 HN  Hillegom
The Netherlands
T. +31 252 515113

KvK 28022694



We can print your name & logo on one or more promotion packs.

Please let us know in advance. Almost all our pre-packs can be viewed online. Please do not hesitate to ask for a reference list !


Alllium Richardsons Apricot Angelique Squire BER 003480

 Chionodoxa Mix Otter 0 COO 000120 Dahlia Anniversary Otter

Duo Tulips Anniversary Otter  Hyacinths Blue Squire  Paperwhites Otter 0

Scilla Siberica Mix Otter 0 STJ 004210 lg

Dutch Iris Oxalis Deppei LJ Sportshops lg