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Started as bulb growers we now specialize in pre-packed bulbs: Value Promotion packs and the normal range, only the best sellers and the very best pictures! We do realize that the pictures have to be of outstanding quality, as the picture has to sell the bulbs.

The Value Promotion packs are all pre-priced and are often packed in coloured carton mini-bins and pallet display boxes or wooden box bins and boxpallets : so in a few minutes after unloading these are ready for sale!
New is the LILAC 3 FOR £ 10 RANGE : Both for Autumn and Spring we can offer 12 popular sellers in a lila fond instead of the blue for £ 3.99 each or any 3 for 10.
Promotion Posters are available as well.

On the normal packs you can decide to take your own margin. All these small normal packs are now offered with a colour & letter price code printed on. You do not have to use it but if you do not want to pre-price you could use it. All pre-packs are bar-coded and are mentioned in our colour pricelist which we can send to you on request.

We can also print your name & logo on one or more promotion packs. Please let us know in advance. Almost all our pre-packs can be viewed online. Please do not hesitate to ask for a reference list!

If you are interested in our quality and excellent service and need further information please let us know and send us an email.

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For our esteemed clients: we look forward to receive your digital pictures from your bulb show during the season; we can put them online at our site and all pictures send by email will be rewarded.

We look forward to serving you!

Rob Jonkheer
Jonkheer B.V.